Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine

Georgian cuisine uses a lot of spices and herbs, and a good chef should be able to handle them and not spoil the taste of the dish: the main secret is not to spoil the correct balance. Georgian people keep their traditions in preparing fresh meals and that is why this food is so delicious. 

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Georgian dumplings, khinkali, stuffed with meat and various spices, served boiled or steamed. Khinkali is a most famous dish of Georgian cuisine. It looks simple, but it is quite tricky to  prepare. It takes a long time to knead the dough so that it becomes very elastic. The more folds you get when sculpting, the higher the skill of the cook is.

How to eat khinkali? You need to grab the "leg", bite the "bag" on the top, and then suck the spicy broth. 

Tabaka baby chicken with “baje” sauce

It is a chicken dish served cold  with a sauce that is made of onion, walnuts, garlic, spices and herbs. Sacivi is prepared in advance and chilled for one day before it is served. It has a distinctive taste, and usually served with fresh coriander.


This cheese bread is probably the most popular Georgian food worldwide. It looks like a round pie but tastes like really nice bread, stuffed with melted cheese. The most popular variation is adjarian khachapuri, topped with egg but there are also other versions such as imeruli khachapuri, megruli and others. In Tifliso Restaurant we bake the best khachapuri in Budapest! 

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